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Truly, Yeshua is the Passover Lamb.

Passover 2020 is April 8 - 16.


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The Infinities of God:Part I–Infinite Refuge

Psalm 46—–Much has been written about this psalm.  It has been called Luther’s psalm, for with it he gained strength to combat the strong forces opposing him during the reformation.

It is fitly entrusted to the Chief Musician, likely the most skillful in all Israel, with the most harmonious of voices to accompany him.
A song upon Alamoth may denote that the music was to be pitched high for the treble or soprano voices of the Hebrew virgins. They went forth in their dances to sing the praises of David when he smote the Philistine, it was meet that they should make merry and be glad when the victories of Jehovah became their theme. Indeed, they sang joyfully as they crossed The Sea of Reeds, when all of Pharoah’s horses and chariots were hurled into the sea.

Miriam Dancing



Likewise, we praise God upon virgin hearts, souls chaste towards his splendor, with lively and exalted expressions, and happy strains.  Amen.
God is our refuge—shelter and protection from danger. For example, during a storm we go to a shelter, however, God is our shelter– all around us, always.



This photo here demonstrates a bomb shelter someone built way back when, fearful of the upcoming wars and threats. Well, I do not know if it would survive nuclear or chemical warfare, but he tried.

In that light, we should imagine that we are constantly in a shelter, surrounded on all sides, cloud by day-fire by night, an impenetrable force shielding us continually.  That is the LORD’s continual protection.

Adonai is our strength.  Not armies, or fortresses. Israel’s boast is in YHVH, the only living and true God.  The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.


The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

This strength is not only physical, but emotional and spiritual.  Possibly we have all heard of people doing super human acts; these are usually driven by love, and a faith that God’s strength is their own.  That is why David could slay lions and bears with his bare hands.

Why, I remember reading of a woman who pulled a car off her son. In 1982, in Lawrenceville, Ga.,  Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964Chevrolet Impala from her son, Tony, after it fell off the jacks that had held it up while he worked underneath the car.  The scientists call this hysterical strength; nevertheless,  is a strength powered by love, and faith in God, that His strength is essentially our own.

Spiritually, His strength is imputed to us.  How else can people survive horrible acts of violence, and come out swinging?  There are famous folks, such as Nelson Mandella, who spent 27 years tortured in prison, and emerged with a spiritual strength that defied human comprehension.  He went on to be a supreme leader of his nation.  What of Richard Wurmbrand, imprisoned for his faith for over 14 years, yet he went on to found Voice of the Martyrs, and continually lead others to Jesus.

Surely He is our refuge and strength.  Those of us who know Him have found this to be true in our own lives.  That is why we are fearless, despite all that is occurring in the world today.  I, personally, could write for days and days, testifying to God as my strength—as you could, I am sure, if you trust Him.

Have you accepted Y’shua as your Savior and your Friend?  Do so today, and your eyes will for certain be enlightened, as you come to the knowledge, of our Refuge and Strength.  This is a comfortable truth, and we rest in Adonai’s powerful and protective presence in our lives.


Psalm 46:1

Proverbs 18:10

Psalm 18:2

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