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On the Road To Jerusalem (Part III)

Jerusalem stood at the center of a cherished dynasty, chosen by God and by man. The loose network of Israelite tribes had come together under Saul, and formed a kingdom under David. It was King David who relocated the capital from Hebron to Jerusalem.

There is a principle here worth mentioning: Man views circumstances outwardly, while God is Spirit, therefore has an infinitely more profound outlook. Continue reading

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On the Road to Jerusalem Part 2: City of David

On the Road To Jerusalem

Part 2: City of David

ADONAI has sworn it, and he will never retract -

“You are a cohen forever, to be compared with Malki-Tzedek.”

The background of this divine oath and acclamation is provided in David’s conquest of Jerusalem ~ 1000 B.C. David led an attack on the Jebusites as he was guided solely by the Lord’s command. At that time, even his skill and spear power were outnumbered by the Philistines’; nevertheless Adonai broke through his enemies for him, like a river breaking through its banks. And, He is still the Lord of the Breakthrough! Continue reading

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On the Road to Jerusalem (Part I of III)

On the Road To Jerusalem

“For out of Tziyon will go forth Torah, and the Word of ADONAI from Yerushalayim.” (Isaiah 2:3) Part 1: Ancient Jerusalem 

The Talmud says Jerusalem was named by God. The name has two parts: Yira, which means “to see,” and shalem, which means “peace.”

Practically speaking, Jerusalem has no strategic significance. It has no commercial or industrial importance, and it is not a cultural center. Therefore, what is the significance of this ancient city? Why, unimportant as it appears, is it at the center of contention, and so dear to God’s heart? To answer this question, we must first study the city historically. Continue reading

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