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Truly, Yeshua is the Passover Lamb.

Passover 2020 is April 8 - 16.


El-Elohei-Yisra'el (Part 1)
El-Elohei-Yisra'el (Part 2)
El-Elohei-Yisra'el (Part 3)

Who is Yeshua?

Who is Yeshua? (Part 1)

Who is Yeshua? (Part 2)

Who is Yeshua? (Part 3)

On the road to Jerusalem

On the road to Jerusalem (Part 1)

On the road to Jerusalem (Part 2)

On the road to Jerusalem (Part 3)

The Heavenly Jerusalem

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The Messianic Seal

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EVENTS 2022 – 2023 Hebrew Calendar

Rosh Hashana 5783 - Monday, September 26, 2022 The fact that Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the year is explained by it being the traditional anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve.

This is defined as Yom Teruah, the day of blowing of shofars. The penetrating sound of the shofar harkens back to the day when Abraham, at God’s bidding was offering Isaac on Mount Moriah only to discover that God had provided the sacrificial lamb – as he provided the lamb of God. God will provide, himself, the lamb. Gen. 22:8

The divine shofar will be blown on Yom Teruah will so summon Israel, the church, and the world to repentance and restoration. Blow the trumpet in Zion.

Yom Kippur - October 5, 2022 In biblical times, this was the one day when God annually summoned his people to repentance and renewal. Hence a time of soul searching and examining our position in the faith. There will eventually be a prophetic end-time event when, after the shofar is blown to awaken his people, the Bible speaks of a true restoration; and all Israel will be saved.

This is the foundation of our ministry here, as Zechariah speaks: On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity. A Fountain of Blessings. Zec. 13:1

Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles - Sunday, October 9 – Sunday, October 16, 2022 This is the final Torah festival on God's calendar. In Scripture, it is called both "Tabernacles" and "Ingathering."

It included a remembrance of the Israelites tabernacling in the wilderness, and of YHVH’s great deliverance. Hallelujah! A season of rejoicing.

As a feast of "Ingathering," it correlates well with Yeshua's declaration that the harvest is the end of the age. The second coming of Messiah, then, corresponds to Tabernacles. At the end of the age, both Jews and Gentiles – all the earth—will be gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the last great festival. This Sukkot will be the inauguration of the universal kingdom of Christ our Lord.

At that time, the righteous will rule with Yeshua HaMashiach and together they will possess the everlasting kingdom of God forever and ever. Dan. 7:18

Chanukah, Sunday - December 18, 2022 – Monday, December 26, 2022



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