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I will come to you and bless you in every place where I cause My name to be remembered. Ex. 20:24

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What’s been happening at the Fountain?

Please join us in the upcoming weeks:

November 9th - BLOOD MOONS - Signs of the Times: Is God warning us?

November 16th - HUMAN TRAFFICKING - Sexual Slavery, Forced Labor - God's view?

Added on November 20, 2014

The Fall Feasts and the Messiah Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Our mission and purpose here at Fountain of Blessings is to make known the Hebrew Roots of our great faith.

Our Father and our God revealed a yearly cycle of appointed times in Leveticus 23. He designed that we meet in a special way; to worship together, pray together, and seek each other’s welfare as His people.

Please join in these times of celebration and revelation:

Rosh Hashana – September 28th - Head of the New Year – corresponding prophetically with Yeshua’s return to earth

Yom Kippur – October 5th - A solemn time of acknowledging sins – Sacrifices under the Mosaic atonement in the past only covered sin; whereas the atonement of Yeshua removes sin.

Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles – October 19th – Recalling the 40 year period of wandering in the wilderness. This third and final Feast will ultimately see its fulfillment in our Messiah’s return and the establishment of His kingdom of righteousness on the earth.

Added on November 4, 2014

This past Sunday we had Question & Answer day during our services. Don’t we all have questions, about God, the Bible, life? This was a day to ask and get some answers. We gleaned remarkable insight.

The first question had to do with regarding some of the traditions of the church, and whether we should honor them. This was posed by one of our older members; she was raised to only wear white attire to worship, with no make-up and with hair clasped in a tight bun, ( a Princess Leia type of thing) etc……… and that every time the church doors open, the members are to be there.

Our prayer co-coordinator, Mary stepped up to the podium, dressed in a fashionable multicolored dress, high heeled shoes, and bright fuchsia red lipstick. She was the best one to answer that question!

Regarding clothing, the Scripture tells us to clothe ourselves with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a heart thing with God. Praise God. He is concerned about the inner person, not the outward appearance. And, about being in church, we are instructed not to neglect meeting together, as is the habit of some, but to encourage one another all the more, as the Day is drawing near.

All this being said, it is not necessary to discard the baby with the bath water; some church traditions are blessed. Furthermore, a brother offended is harder to win than a strong city. Therefore, when we visit a traditional church, there is no need to offend them although we have freedom in Christ. We can surely dawn a white dress, and pull our hair back for one day.

Blessed be the Lord. We asked and answered many other questions. For example, a father with two young children asked how to deal with a young friend who is Muslim and frequents the house often to play. For the youth, the question was addressed “If God is good, why all the misery and suffering in the world.” Moreso, they needed to know how to respond when people ask this.

First of all, that question is flawed; “If God is good…?” Well, God is good, point blank, and Amen! That “If” is the serpent’s “If,” to plant doubt in our mind as he did with Eve in the Garden , “Did God really say….?

Secondly, suffering in the world today is not due to God, it is never God, never God. It is due to man. Recalling the awful Newtown massacre which occurred last year, many were asking, “Where was God?” Well, He was expelled from the Public School system in 1962, because it was ‘unconstitutional.’ Remember?

From the beginning when the man and the woman got us into trouble by eating the forbidden fruit, God has been planning to get us out of this mess, and re-establish a peaceful harmonious state. In fact, God chose Y’shua to be our ransom before the foundation of the world, since He foreknew the trouble we’d get into. We remain confident that we will surely see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living.

Our next Q & A will be sometime in mid – February, and all are welcomed to come. Meanwhile, please e-mail any burning inquiries or issues to Unless it is one of God’s secrets, we will do our best to respond. We are not among those who perish for lack of knowledge, rather we seek knowledge, and gain understanding.

Blessings to you, in the Name of Y’shua.

Deuteronomy 29:29 Romans 3:14 Hebrews 10:25 Proverbs 18:9 1 Peter 1:20 Genesis 3:1 Psalm 27:13 Hosea 4:6

Added on September 25, 2014
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