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Can I get an Amen?

To be honest, if I am teaching and don’t hear Amen now and then, I start to wonder if I am being effective. Amen?

Amen is the liturgical response used in Judaism and Christianity. Even not-yet-believers will say Amen in agreement. Some Rabbis and scholars have said it is perhaps the most widely known word in human speech. Amen has been translated "So be it" or "So shall it be."


However, in defining the word, AMEN in the Hebrew perspective, we learn that the initial letters of amen represent el melekh neeman, "God, Faithful King." Amen.

These are the types of truths we meditate upon at Fountain of Blessings, especially with our new associate, Pastor Richard Logsdon.

Pastor Richard Logsdon

Richard Logsdon is a man who strives to live for God. Throughout his life, he has experienced the grace of the Creator in every area. He states, "Since my acceptance of Y'shua as the Messiah my life has changed abundantly."

Pastor Richard comes to Fountain Of Blessings with degrees in Ministry from Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary, a Bachelor of Divinity from Shalom Bible College and Seminary, and he is currently working on a Master of Theology degree.

His extensive knowledge, together with his background in Judaism/Hebrew has brought unique, and profound insight to us at FOB. Our minds and hearts have been stretched to understand that God wants us to evolve spiritually into so much more than what we are presently.

We look forward to seeing you at our services on Saturdays at 11:00 am.

Blessed be the Name.



Added on November 20, 2014
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