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Truly, Yeshua is the Passover Lamb.

Passover 2020 is April 8 - 16.


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Who is Yeshua?

Who is Yeshua? (Part 1)

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Fountain of Blessings

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Welcome to Fountain of Blessings, a Messianic fellowship based on the foundation and Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. We teach from the Middle Eastern perspective, and encourage individual study and research of Scripture. Our Lord and Savior did instruct us soundly, "Salvation is from the Jews." (John 4). The Semitic perspective sheds unique light on the Word of God rendering the Scripture distinctly applicable and practical. Thus we allow God, the Fountain of Life and Blessings, to reign in, and rain on our lives. "In Your light, we see light." (Psalm 36).

Who is Y'shua? (Part III of III)

Judaic doctrine dictates that gifts and sacrifices must be offered to atone for a person's sins. A system was therefore established, allowing priests to offer sacrifices daily, first for their own sins, and then for those of the people.

God, in His Spiritual existence, cannot die. Therefore, in order to meet our needs, as a holy, blameless, and pure high priest, He had to become a man. Yet, even as a man, he embodied the virtue and power of an indestructible life. Everyone who encountered Him knew He was more than a mere man when He amazed them, and they were transformed by His teachings and miracles.

Y'shua came as a supreme priest, chosen by God's oath, to be a minister forever. He appeared on the earth by a new and more effective way, unparalleled by any other priest. He was God incarnate, and He lives forever. Furthermore, in accordance with the system of offering sacrifices, he offered one sacrifice, once and for all, for all men, and for all time, by offering himself. Since He is eternal, His sacrifice gained atonement eternally for every person.

The Lord’s sanctity created a sinless human nature in Immanuel.  Jesus is perfect forever, and never committed any sin of His own volition. Yet, He became sin for us, when He took the judgment we deserved in offering Himself as a sacrifice, even subjecting Himself to death on a cross-a crucifixion conspired through the jealousy of those who coveted His position, as the True Rabbi of Israel.

While living his authentic human life, love and forgiveness emanated from Y’shua. Possibly we could wonder, how such a Person would have to suffer from an agonizing death.  Being whipped and scourged by Roman soldiers, wearing thorns, and being pierced by nails is appalling for even the worst criminal.  Then again, we should have known, as the prophet Isaiah prophesied, that He would be pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that was to bring us peace was upon Him.  And, by His wounds, we are healed.

Truly, He was the Son of God, and also the son of David.  He was not abandoned to the grave, nor did His body see decay.  Even now, He sits at the right hand of God, in a very holy place.  In the resurrection, Yeshua’s dual nature was indeed confirmed.  Because, in one placein Scripture, we read, “God raised him from the dead.”  However, elsewhere Jesus says “I lay down my life, only to take it up again. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again.”  You do the math...........

In summary, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, is a mystery of compassionate love. Since God is everlasting, and cannot die, He joined Himself with human flesh and blood. In this way, He was able to offer Himself as a sinless, spotless, eternal sacrifice as compensation for our sins, forever. For, without the shedding of this blood, there would be no ceaseless forgiveness of sin.

God became man, without detracting from being God. In addition to this, in His fullness, He never altered humanity. The union of man and God was unique and resulted in one Person with two perfectly joined natures: Y'shua. He is pure humanity fused with God Supreme.

Have you made a personal commitment to Jesus? We implore you, come to Him now-do not delay. Accept the faith which God provides. Open your heart to Him now. The story is not finished, because Y'shua will return to the earth. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

Added on August 20, 2010


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