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Our Mission Trip To Haiti

Hello Dear Friends and Web Browsers, A few weeks ago we completed our first Annual Church Missions trip. It was truly a mission; armed with water bottles, and the power of the Gospel, we headed through the dry terrains to the small villages which had been neglected since the terrible earthquake of 2010.

Our group traveled to Haiti and ministered to many souls in the small villages in the manner of the New Testament Church. Progressing from house to house, we shared the Good News of Yeshua.This was met with salvation, healing, destruction of strongholds of voodoo, and hope where none existed before.

We considered it a privilege indeed, to be God’s right hand as His thunder broke unplowed ground, his lightning lit of the villager’s world, and His Word opened their hearts to receive His love and grace. Hallelujah! What unprecedented thrill to witness God’s power absolutely destroying the works of the enemy!
I imagined, Satan had been working on these folks for an inordinate amount of time, re-enforcing that there is no hope, you can only look forward to a life of sheer misery……. And in one moment, one moment, the Holy Ghost broke through and brought light, hope, healing, refreshing, and restoration.
Praise God! He alone can do this! Sure enough, Haitians, young and old, followed us relentlessly, begging us to come to their home and entreat God on their behalf.
Our Adonai, Elohim surely sanctified them, through His Holy Spirit, fueled by the fervent prayers of the saints here at home. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah!


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